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Daniel's Friends Characteristics

What are the best characteristics of a faithful friend?

Reading from the book of Daniel Chapter 3, these are 4 characteristics we have found and notes we have written about Daniel friends' Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego:

1.) They had faith & fear for God.

- They decided to obey the True God and not the false god whom everyone was being taught to worship.

- They believed in their God who will deliver them through the fire and the accusations from people.

- A person with a true heart for God will not fear when heat comes.

2.) They were willing to endure difficult situations.

- They pressed forward through a season when their faith was being tested.

- They had a loyal heart and a willing mind for God.

3.) Unity even through hardships.

Daniel 3:18

- They did not give up on God and their relationship with each other.

- Trials not just made their faith stronger but made their friendship together stronger.

4.) Their obedience to God leads to fruitfulness.

Daniel 3:30

- Humility before God leads to promotion.

- Their boldness in faith leads people to trust and follow their God.

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