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3 Ways God Blesses Us

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

There are three ways God chooses to bless us.

1. God blesses us directly

There are countless stories and biblical testimonies of how God can directly bless someone. God blessed Solomon with wisdom and a heart of understanding. God blessed David to be King. God desires to bless us directly.

2. God blesses us through other people.

Blessed people bless people. God will send someone else to bless us by praying for us, comforting us, or even giving to us financially.

God used Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt. Moses was the answer to the Israelites prayer. Elijah raised people from the dead and healed the sick.

3. God will bless us through our own hands

In Luke chapter 5, Simon Peter said he toiled all night. But Jesus told Peter to cast his net out one more time. Peter chose to obey and was directly blessed through his own hands.

These are 3 ways God chooses to bless us.

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